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1m Square Plastic Mesh

1m Square Plastic Mesh

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1m Square Plastic Mesh- Details

Product Description

1m Square plastic mesh to place over pebble pool grid. This stops pebbles falling through.

Key Features

  • 1m Square
  • Suitable for use on pebble pools with galvanised grid lids


100cm x 100cm plastic mesh sheet


  • Square plastic mesh

1m Square Plastic Mesh Essential extra's

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Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 660mm diameter
Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 720mm x 400mm
Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 790mm x 480mm
Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 800mm x 630mm
Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 900mm diameter
Round Galvanised Steel Grid
Square Galvanised Steel Grid

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Customer feedback

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27-May-2014 1m Square Plastic Mesh Excellent Haven't actually put it all together as yet but all seems perfect. Thank you.
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