The star of the 58th Annual Azalea Garden Tour is the “Twin Homes”, nicknamed due to the fact that the two cottages built in the 1930s are mirror images of each other. The middle walkway between the two homes is surrounded by water. Infact, more than 20 water features line this stunning garden, all skillfully crafted by the present owner Josh Rickards.

Mr Rickards, who also runs his own water feature company said to

"it just really relaxes you. It's real tranquil," He continued: "It's just nice to come out and the sight and sound of water really does relax you."

An interesting and unique addition to the garden is a stunning fire pit, which also happens to double as a fountain. The water and flames collide in the centre of the fire pit and the flame stays lit!

The water features are complemented by plenty of spring color and some beautiful Japanese maples.

Water and fire is growing in popularity as a concept for domestic garden water features. There are now many styles and options available to add this dramatic effect.

Posted by Jacqueline Windas

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