We are the only global retailer of Aqua Moda water features . The Aqua Moda range of water features are renowned for quality, style and value for money. They have been a specialist manufacturer of water feature products for more than 15 years. The design team are always looking to keep up with moving trends and adding the latest technologies to fountains which have proven to be popular with customers year after year.

Aqua Moda Natural Stone Water Features

We stock a wide range of granite water features which are produced from high quality granite pieces. Natural stone fountains offer fantastic value for money and will stand the test of time. The Aqua Moda Granite Yin yang, Malone and trio of spheres have been and remain the top selling lines form this extensive granite water feature range.

Aqua Moda Stainless Steel Water Features

Take a look at our stainless steel selection - we have a range of grade 301 stainless steel spheres, pyramids, tubes and flat panels to suit all tastes and budgets. These are produced to the highest standards and are perfect for those looking to achieve a more contemporary feel to their garden design.

Aqua Moda Sandstone Water Features

Indian rainbow sandstone water features have become very popular over recent years. Aqua Moda produces various sandstone pieces with the 50cm Sandstone Sphere Kit proving to be the best seller in this range this season. Choose from spheres, columns and other bespoke designs made exclusively for us by Aqua Moda

So save now on all Aqua Moda products when you spend £100 our more - simply drop the item to your basket and the discount will be applied. If you need any help or advice to find a perfect water for your location and budget the call our water feature specialist team on 0161 3202870.