We usually make a recommendation in the essential extras section beneath the product as to which water feature reservoir will best fit the feature you are looking at - if you have any questions or are unsure please feel free to drop us a line. We do not always include the reservoir in the price as some of our customers already have this in place and want to simply replace an existing water feature.

It is important that the reservoir is big enough that all water returns back into the bottom. If not then over a period of time the water feature will run dry and the likelihood is that the pump will burn out. You are better to be safe than sorry here and installing a slightly larger than required pool, which holds more water will reduce the chance of the water level being decreased to a level that will affect the feature during warmer summer spells.

You will find plastic reservoirs on the market at prices starting from as little as £22 - these are really designed for smaller water feature projects and you may find stability a problem when installing a feature of any real weight. You will also find the volume of water these will hold will be minimal causing the issues mentioned above. Plastic reservoirs with plastic lids are more venerable to damage than more expensive alternatives with a reinforced lid.

You should consider the weight of the feature and bear in mind that the weight recommendations are usually based on an evenly spread load. Our Reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 900mm diameter is designed for loads up to 300kg and will be suitable for most granite and stone water features. With extreme loads sometimes it may be necessary to build a pillar within the pool to help support the weight on the centre of the unsupported area of the reservoir.

If you need any help find a suitable fountain reservoir please get in touch.