The Classical Tier Water Feature is a classic style water feature which uses the latest technology in solar power and can be located in any sun spot in the garden.

This high quality water feature has exquisite detail and represents fantastic value for money for those who are looking for a reasonably priced fountain to add that finishing touch to their garden. The water is pumped by a concealed solar pump unit situated in the lower column and exits the top of the fountain. This then fills the top cascade and over flows down creating the relaxing sound of trickling water.

Classical Tier Water Feature

This direct sunlight solar powered feature stands 93 cm tall and is 59 cm wide. Being available on next day delivery and simple to install you could have this feature up and running quickly. The feature weighs 11.5 kg when put together and is easy to move around the garden as desired.

We have been supplying this water feature for many years and it has proved to be very popular. The feature has not changed much from the original design apart from minor changes to make it even easier to construct and the upgrading of the solar unit as technology has advanced.

This feature is also available with a mains powered pump - please see: The Mains Power Classical Tier