From time to time we review different granite water features and these are selected by customer trends and comments. Today we are looking at the Doppio Drava by Aqua Moda Water Feature.

This feature is perfect to go either side of any entrance or door way and has been customer favourite for years... This granite water feature has been hand carved and polished from solid granite to create a stunning pair of water features consisting of a polished sphere and base. This feature is suitable for gardens, patios and decked areas and looks great when situated either side of a door way or entrance. The base of the feature is 30 cm x 30 cm and each base has a 20 cm sphere with a LED light.

The Granite Doppio Drava water feature is made from solid granite so will last for years to come. The supplied lighting makes this the perfect feature to create a focal point on an evening. This kit includes 2 bases, 2 spheres, the water pumps and the led lights.