Looking for a water feature to drown out the noise of road traffic or neighbours?

We frequently get asked about water features which generate noise from customers looking to drown out the noise of passing traffic or neighbours. Many water features just create a tricking noise which would not be suitable for this. Unsuitable water features are where the water flows down a surface into a reservoir meaning you can only hear the water re-entering the reservoir at the bottom.

Tiered Water Features

If you are looking for a water feature which makes more noise we recommend looking at a water feature which has water cascading from bowl to bowl or a cascade features which has a sheer decent of water in to a pool. If you view the tiered fountains on our site you may find a suitable product. The following features are one's we have recommended in the past which may be suitable and generate a little more noise:

  • Four Bowl Leaf Design With LED Lights Garden Water Feature
  • Sparkling Bowls Kelkay Easy Fountain
  • Garda Falls Kelkay Easy Fountain With LEDs
  • Four Bowls on Brick Wall Water Feature By Aqua Creations