Troubleshooting for the operation of the 250LPH Solar Power Pond Pump With Float Battery Back-Up with LED Light

The solar pump supplied runs from direct sunlight and has a battery backup for use on an evening and on cloudy days. Please note the light with this pump has a night time sensor and will only function at night whilst using the pump in battery backup mode.

Running in direct sunlight

When you first set up your pump and have connected the fully submerged pump to the panel, place the panel in DIRECT sunlight (this will not work in the shade or if there is any cloud or other obstruction between the panel and the sun). Once the panel is receiving the required level of sunlight the green light on the back of the solar panel will come on and the pump will begin to run. Whilst this is running a small amount of charge will be going to the battery, however achieving a full battery charge may take 7 sunny days.

Running from battery back-up

Once you have allowed enough time for the battery to be charged from direct sunlight or have charged the batteries in the back of the solar panel with your mains charger, you can press the button on the back of the panel to use the battery backup function. Once this has been pressed the green light on the back of the solar panel will light up and the pump will come on. Once you have activated the battery backup this will run until the battery is flat before tripping back to direct sunlight mode. If you have pressed the button on the back of the panel to turn the pump off and there is still power in the battery, then the pump will not run from direct sunlight. You would need to press the button again to drain the remaining power from the battery and the panel will automatically switch to direct sunlight once the battery is drained and the panel is receiving enough direct sunlight.

Switching from battery backup and direct sunlight

You cannot switch from battery backup to direct sunlight mode using the switch on the back of the panel. You need to press the button once to activate the battery backup and then leave it. The pump will auto switch off when the battery power runs out and the it switches to direct sunlight mode. When the panel is receiving enough direct sunlight it will turn back on automatically.

Mains charger

If you have purchased or been supplied with a mains charger then you can disconnect the pump and light and charge the panel indoors. This can take 3-4 hours.