Indian rainbow sandstone has become more popular in garden designs for paving and fountains. Indian sandstone features contrasting colours within the stone which are more prominent when the stone is wet. This characteristic is great for instances when this stone is used as a water feature and makes every piece of stone unique.

Please see the image below showing the contract in colour when the sandstone is wet

Wet Sandstone Sphere

Our best selling sandstone features are the 60 cm & 50 cm rainbow spheres . We sell these as water feature kits which include: a stone sphere, water pump, reinforced reservoir, led light and sandstone cobbles. This gives you everything you will need to create a perfect self contained stone feature.

We have seen sandstone sphere fountains included in various television garden projects and have been supplying the trade and direct customers for many years. Our specialists are happy to share their extensive knowledge to help you plan and execute your vision for the perfect water feature - drop us a line, we are here to help!

Please follow this link for all of the sandstone water feature products we offer.