What is a self-contained water feature?

Self-contained water features do not require a supply of water, they recycle water from either an internal reservoir or a reservoir which has been inserted into the ground. Fountains and water features which have an integral reservoir are often referred to as fully self-contained. Fully self contained water features are ideal for those who are looking for something to position on a patio or decked area. They are generally easy to install and re-locate to different locations within the garden.

A standard self contained feature requires a hole to be to be dug in the ground and the use of a value or heavy duty reservoir.. The benefit of this type of installation is the increased volume of water such a reservoir will hold and the ability to change the feature if desired in the future. Most of the larger stone and granite water features require a separate reinforced pebble pool as these are designed to take the weight of the fountain.

fully self-contained water features

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