We are a specialist in the supply of solar water features and solar powered pumps with a range of battery backup and direct sunlight options. As we move deeper into the winter the weather effects the performance of these products. We recommend that water feature products are stowed away during the winter months to avoid the damage frost and freezing conditions cause. Please see below some information on the performance you should expect from your solar water feature during winter months.

Direct sunlight solar water features

Direct sunlight water features require a certain level of direct sunlight to operate. In the winter the sun is further away for the Earth's surface which may mean there is not enough power to run the pump on your water feature. Water feature pumps require more power than the likes of a garden solar light. We expect direct sunlight features to operate normally between the end of April and the beginning of September.

Solar battery water features

Solar battery powered water features use the power of the sun to charge the batteries in the solar panel. The pump runs from the batteries when there is charge present. It can take much longer for the batteries to charge in the winter months and it is recommended that use the supplied / optional extras adaptor to charge the batteries the batteries should you wish to use the feature during winter months with suitable weather

Direct sunlight with battery backup

This type of pump utilises the power of the sun to run the pump continuously whilst simultaneously charging the batteries located in the back of the solar panel. Again, the direct sunlight function of these pumps is limited in winter months. Weather permitting the feature can still be used by pressing the button on the back of the solar panel and switching to battery mode. If there is enough charge in the battery the pump will activate. You may need to use the supplied / optional adaptor to charge the batteries as like the standard solar battery pump this can take sometime time charge during the winter

Solar water features

Mains powered options - Most of our solar water features can be converted to operate from a mains water feature pump. If you have a power source nearby and want to have more continuous operation throughout none summer months or during poor weather then it may be possible for us to supply a suitable mains power water feature pump. These would normally cost between £19 - £49 depending on the size of your water feature.