Water feature pumps come in various different sizes and the power of these are indicated by a LPH (litres per hour) or LPM (litres per minute) value. We rate all of our pumps with LPH. The pump you need will depend on a couple of factors - Required flow rate, how high you wish to pump the water and the diameter of the pipe the water runs through. If you are replacing an existing pump from a water feature, fountain of pond then the LPH value can usually be found on the pump itself. When replacing a pump it is always better to purchase one that has slightly more power than required and then to use a flow adjuster to achieve the desired flow rate.

Water Feature Pumps

Water pumps for cascades - If you are looking for a pump to use with a stainless steel cascade then the required flow rate will be need to greater to achieve a good flow from the cascade. The pump required is dependent on how high and wide the cascade is.

Water Cascade Pumps

We are available to talk through your requirements and offer advice on the pump you require. We stock mains powered pumps from 450lph up to 25,000lph and solar pumps from 180lph to 1550lph. If you are unsure of which pump you need or would like to discuss your requirements please drop us a line.