As we approach the end of the summer we have some water feature care tips for you...

We always advise customers to drain and protect their beloved water feature from the elements as we move away from the summer months. As Autumn falls upon us you should be thinking about how to protect your feature from the elements. Trees discarding their leaves can cause some issues if these find their way into the water in the reservoir of your water feature. Tree debris can clog up your pump and/or filter and do not help with algae build up and water discolouration. Use a fountain protection cover when your feature is not in use to ensure no foreign objects find their way into the workings of you feature. This are relatively inexpensive, don't look too unsightly and can save you money in the long run. Kelkay professional water feature covers are available in various sizes on our site.

Protection Covers

Once the temperature dips, frost can pose a bigger danger. If your fountain is exposed to freezing conditions, moisture or water within the feature can freeze causing the cracking of the casement. This can render the feature pretty much useless, as it will no longer hold the water required for it to be operational. Equally frost and ice can damage the workings of the integrated water feature pump. To protect against frost damage your feature should be drained and where possible stored indoors / in the garage. This will mean that come the following spring your feature will be ready to go again.

Care Products

On a more general care note, we recommend you use an algae stopper product. Algae is the most likely cause of a pump failure or the decorative paint on you feature peeling. Again, the cost of an algae preventative product is minimal versus the cost to replace either your pump or feature itself. Kelkay also offer this product which will help keep your water feature clean and reduce the chance of paint peeling on older water features.