There are a number of tips to follow to reduce the amount of water loss from water features.

Follow simple tips to limit the amount of water loss from your water features.

The majority of water features sold in the UK are self contained. i.e. the water reservoir is included with the fountain and once filled up the feature recycles the water again and again. With the risk of hose pipe bans on the horizon, careful design, location and maintenance can reduce water loss. Inevitably water naturally evaporates under warm weather and direct sunlight. However the design, pump strength and location of a water feature can help to limit this.

Ponds that include fountain jets need to be designed so that the widest part of the pond is located at the fountain head; this prevents unnecessary splashing outside of the pond. A general rule of thumb is that ponds need to be 1.5 times as wide as a fountain is tall to prevent splashing. This is however limited to the effects of wind on the fountain spray and design of the fountain head. If it’s positioned in an exposed location the spray height will need to be reduced accordingly.

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