The Allia falls comes complete white the required water feature pump and piping. Also included in this offer is a low voltage LED light which is perfect for showing off this feature on an evening. The light glistens as the water shimmers down the four sides of this amazing granite piece. This water feature can be placed on a suitable existing sump, however, if you do not already have a reservoir in place then we recommend the 660mm or the 900mm diameter reinforced pool which are available on our site.

Please be aware this feature is made from solid granite and weighs in at 100kg. So when planning your installation it would be wise to have appropriate help available to lift the water feature into place. Also consider the granite safety support we sell. This fits to the base and is inserted up the piece of granite removing any risk of the feature being pushed over.

So if you are looking for a unique striking feature which will last for years to come then the Allia falls is the water feature for you!

Nature Rock Granite Water Feature