Aterno 10 – 100cm Diameter Polished Sphere

Our premium Aterno10 water feature is a stainless steel sphere which has been manufactured from our high quality grade 304 stainless steel. Grade 304 you ask? Well grade 304 stainless steel is one of the most durable type of stainless steel you will come across, which you will most probably see within your household appliances like your pans and cookery equipment. The design and strength of the steel has a higher resistance of corrosion than regular steel making this an ideal material for a water feature.

Grade 304 stainless steel has proven levels of resistance to corrosion and has a high proven record of durability. You do however have to maintain the water feature, like you do any form of water feature. Salt and limescale deposits can cause the steel to pip rust if not regularly maintained. Here at Water Features 2GO we always recommend to drain any feature for the winter months to protect from the harsh weather conditions such as frost, By doing so, this will prolong the life of your water feature and pump.

We offer a wide range of protection covers for you to be able to cover the feature during the harsh winter months. Not only do we offer a selection of protection covers, we also have a range of cleaning products for you to purchase to help maintain your feature. We would always recommend you treat your water with Algae Prevention Solution. Our aqua moda professional algae prevention solution removes and prevents algae and bacteria within your fountain, allowing you to enjoy your water feature at their best all year round. It has been specially designed and formulated for use in water features.

Please rest assure this product does not harm animals in any way as it has been specially designed for safety of animals. This truly remarkable stainless steel sphere water feature will be a great addition to your outdoor space and add that extra touch of sophistication to its chosen area. This striking water feature will become the highlight of your garden and a talking point with all your family and friends. Complete within the package are led lights which will light up the feature at night to add a real sense of tranquillity.

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