At water features 2 go we pride ourselves on our comprehensive and high quality range of water features and accessories. We believe that we have a feature to suit everybody and partly this is down to our excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers worldwide, but we also offer considerable expertise in the field of bespoke water features. These features are particularly suitable for a company or organisation looking for a water feature that is tailored to suit their particular needs in terms of size, shape and material, or an individual looking to add a wow factor to their garden. Do you represent a school, a sports club, a business client or council? You may find that the existing range of consumer water features does not quite meet your needs, particularly if you have a large area to fill or want to make a big statement that will leave a lasting impression. This is where a bespoke water feature will excel.

What’s available for purchase is ultimately down to what you as a customer have in mind, but examples of the kind of bespoke work we’ve completed in the past include floating polished granite rings and spheres; stunning pieces of granite that appears to float and rotate around as water jets in the base gently lift and spin the polished stone. Large diameter stainless steel spheres have also proved popular. These are produced in beautifully polished, 2mm thick, grade 304 steel; a grade of steel found in marine installations and surgical tools that is prized for its resistance to tarnishing and rust. At this thickness it is also considerably less likely to be damaged or dented compared to the 1.2mm steel often used by competitors and if you’re interested in something from the smooth spheres, it can also be used to create stunning designs such as golf ball-shaped features and similar.

All of the above can be tailor-made to your exact preferences; any size and any shape can be made available in a massive array of granite and marble of all colours, as well as steel in highly polished or brushed finishes. For an extra level of customisation, engraving is also available, allowing your company logos, mottos, crests and anything else you have in mind to be etched directly onto your water feature. If you like the sound of these products but aren’t in the market for a water feature, we can also put the same expertise and craftsmanship into action in creating an entirely bespoke statue or ornament; perfect for indoors and areas where water is unsuited.

Our bespoke water features can be found across the country in business forecourts, areas of leisure and even parks. Recent installations include a much publicised pair of two metre stainless steel spheres in Newport’s John Frost Square, a keystone of the £200m redevelopment made as the city prepares for the 2010 Ryder Cup, of which it is the host city. On the opposite end of the spectrum, another very similar sphere became an integral part of a contemporary art fixture at the Tatton Hall 2010 Biennial; Jem Finer’s Spiegelei, which turned the sphere into a 360 degree camera obscura complete with coloured lenses.

Our complete range of water features is available online and enquiries can also be made by email and phone (0845 094 2271). For regular updates, news and water feature offers, why not follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook (search ‘water features’). Any of our sales or customer support team will be more than happy to help you with any further enquiries you might have, or to take any requests for quotes and orders. We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your water feature ideas.

Posted by David Hellowell

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