We sell a range of cleaners and algae stoppers from Kelkay, a leading supplier of such products. They are safe to use as they are non toxic, so will not harm birds or animals, however, some are unsuitable for fish (please read the instructions, carefully). The advantage of applying cleaning fluids and algae stoppers is that your feature, fountain or pond will remain free from surface staining and algae growth. It will also prevent the bacteria build up and the water from turning green. Algae Stopper can be added to your water feature for immediate results and continued use will ensure you will not have future problems with the build up of algae.

Lime and grime cleaner will work quickly and effectively on your water feature, removing lime scale build up. Fountain fresh can also be added to remove any of the unwanted smells standing water can have and again should be used regularly. We have different cleaners and algae stoppers for all water features, fountains or ponds that will suit all applications. To prolong the life of your water feature and water pumps, make this an essential extra and use from first use of your purchase.