Easter is upon us again and it seems as though it comes around quicker every year. Either that or years just fly by as you get older. The past weekend really helped to get people into the mood, especially Sunday where we enjoyed some lovely sunny weather and the benefit of British Summer Time allowing us to enjoy the day a little longer.

You will be pleased to know that our latest Recruit Ruby the Vizsla has had all her injections and set off at the weekend to explore the world on the end of a lead. (previously only exploring the world from the comfort of a humans arms.) She is still at the stage of thinking that everyone walking pasts only reason for being on the pavement is to cuddle her. But a puppy is very similar to having a baby. It seems to bring the best out of people and make people want to stop and chat (as long as a puppy cuddle is provided). (below's a picture of her fast asleep doing her Gremlin impression after her first walk.)

For the run up to Easter our phone lines are open as follows:

Normal opening up to Thursday 29th March 2018.
Telephones Closed Friday 30th (Good Friday) March 2018
Telephones Closed Saturday 31th March 2018 T
elephones Closed Sunday 1st April 2018
Telephones Closed Monday 2nd April 2018
Normal opening up to Tuesday 3rd April 2018

We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our customers Happy Easter, and we hope the sun stays out and the Easter Bunny turns up for everyone!


Ruby Vizsla asleep after her first walk