Trusted industry source BBC Gardeners World magazine have included water features and bird bath maintenance in their latest around the garden checklist. As the weather improves we all start thinking about what jobs to do in the garden to prepare it for the summer. We all love spending time outdoors, the BBC Gardeners World checklist will help you to fully appreciate the beauty of your garden this summer.

The checklist reads:

“1. Spread compost mulch around border plants to suppress weeds
2. Put pond pumps and fountains back into pools, thoroughly cleaning filters first
3. Lay turf or sow new lawns from seed
4. Clean out bird baths and top up with fresh water
5. Check tree ties are not too tight or cutting into bark, and loosen if necessary
5. Cut back any overgrown ivy

Following the five garden tips above will help to prepare your garden for the summer. Now the clocks have sprung forward into British summer time, it is usually an indication that the hard frosts are now behind us. Therefore BBC Gardeners World suggests that you can once again put your water feature back into action in your garden.

Garden water features make a fantastic addition to your garden; as well as maintaining your existing pumps and birdbaths, now is an excellent time to purchase a new water feature. Garden centres and online stores are currently purchasing new stock for 2011, so many new designs and concepts are available. These new designs usually sell fast, especially on the run up to Easter.

Posted by Nikki Gee

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