Garden water features come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes from something quite small and discreet that could fit on a table to a large feature such as a one metre diameter sphere. Garden water features are also available in a large range of shapes and designs. You can choose from animal shapes such as frogs, otters, dolphins, squirrels, lions and more, or if you prefer you could select your water feature in the shape of a gnome, a fairy or even Buddha. There are also many other natural shapes and even statue designs from which to choose.

In addition to the great variety of styles, designs and shapes to select, garden water features also come in a choice of materials, with copper, ceramic, glass, resin and terracotta being the most popular. Water features for the garden are also often available with either mains powered or solar powered pumps. Solar powered pumps work off direct sunlight and some also have battery back-up, which can power a water feature for up to three hours when fully charged. LED lighting is also available for some water features.

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