The Granite Trio Water Feature With LED Lights includes the required piping, pump and 3-way water spider which allows you to adjust the water flow for each sphere individually, creating outstanding visual effects. We recommend adding a reinforced heavy duty pebble pool 660mm diameter that allows recycled the water if you do not have a reservoir already in place.

Cut and hand carved from natural stone, each of these water features is truly unique and will add the wow factor to any garden. Japanese gardens are relaxing places where people can contemplate nature. This idea has such a strong demand in our stressing modern world, that it is not surprising that so many oriental influences are finding their way into our British gardens!

The clean lines of this water feature would be an eye-catching piece to your garden. These water features add tranquillity and peacefulness to their surrounds. When setting up a water feature in your garden you can choose to be located it among the plants or make a statement by making it a centre piece feature. The Led Lights included with this feature will add to the night time ambience this feature creates.