Norlogs deck ponds and water features are self contained, so there is no need to dig or install a water source. Most of the Norlog range is available on a 2 day delivery and the customer service they offer is second to none. We are proud to be a supplier of what have proven over the years to be a high quality brand and supplier of wooden deck ponds.

Check out the range of Norlog products we offer here and take advantage of the discounts our bulk purchasing gives us as we pass this on to you. If you require your item quickly then we may be able to arrange next day delivery - please call us for this service and we will do our best to ensure a speedy delivery.

We understand that our customers expect and deserve the highest level of post purchase customer service. Norlog are always happy to help on the rare occasions where things don't quite go to plan offering a swift dispatch off any missing or defective parts and a comprehensive warranty on both the deck ponds and accessories, such as the fountain pumps.