We are pleased to advise that we are again running a special promotion on our website. We are offering 5% off the listed price for any Aqua Moda Water features valued at over £1000. Due to the large ticket price for these items, this discount offers significant discount over our standard website prices, and offers an excellent opportunity to bag a deal on one of our exclusive products within the Aqua Moda Water Feature Range.

We are also very excited about the launch of our own water feature cleaner which has been specifically developed for our range of Aqua Moda Water features. It's suitable for use with other brands of water features too. It's a premium product with market leading properties. If you decide to invest in the best water features, surely you should use a premium cleaner. The Professional Algae Prevention Solution sits alongside our ever popular Aqua Moda Professional Stainless Steel Cleaner.


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