We find that at this time of the year our Copper Cascade features are our best sellers as they really compliment the Autumnal colours of nature all around us.

Sit back and listen to the gentle cascade of water over the copper leaves of the cascade features.

Watch how the water shimmers and the light catches the reflection of the copper leaves as it flows into the reservoir below. All you need to do is choose from the ever popular York Copper Cascade, https://www.waterfeatures2go.co.uk/york-copper-cascade-water-feature-u1007.html, Autumn Copper Cascade, https://www.waterfeatures2go.co.uk/autumn-copper-cascade-water-feature-06103739271651.html, Holmfirth Copper cascade https://www.waterfeatures2go.co.uk/holmfirth-copper-cascade-water-feature-u1008.html or new for 2018/2019 Cheshire Copper Cascade https://www.waterfeatures2go.co.uk/cheshire-leaves-copper-cascade-mains-powered-water-feature-0639767164573.html.

Each has a different, yet all striking and beautiful leaf design. The York being more traditional, Autumn has an oriental feel, Holmfirth more symmetrical whilst the New Cheshire is more contemporary. Each has their own unique base where the water and pump is housed enabling the water to recycle through the feature so all you have to do is fill up once.

Of course some evaporation and splashing may occur so please bear this in mind if you are planning on housing your features indoors. You can choose each of the features as mains powered or solar powered so can compliment any patio, garden or balcony or even hallway, conservatory or garden room. They are all slender and tall allowing space to sit and enjoy your new water feature.