People young and old all love the soothing sound of running water. We here at Water Features 2 Go thought will would give you a few pointers to make your garden pond the perfect environment for you, your family, friends and even wildlife to enjoy. We can help to transform your garden pond into one of the most exciting parts of your garden, to become the envy of your neighbours.

As the technology involved in garden ponds, such as preformed ponds, filtering and heating equipment has evolved and reduced in price, it’s allowing more and more gardeners to enjoy the benefits without the huge cost. The garden pond can therefore become that “wow” centre piece in your garden design once more.

Water Features 2 Go can supply the products to create garden ponds in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from small ornamental pre-formed ponds to large and uniquely shaped ponds created with pond liner and underlay. You can easily enhance the beauty of your garden pond with a solar powered fountain to help aerate the pond, a water feature to be used as a centre piece in your garden pond, or even a rock water fall to add a dramatic effect. Bright vibrant flowers can also be used to decorate around the pond, with plants such as lily’s to decorate the surface. If you don’t fancy the real thing you could always purchase a solar powered floating lily water feature. One important point to remember is that garden ponds do not have to be traditional in style or design. Garden ponds sit in harmony in contemporary gardens too. Each year at the numerous flower shows throughout the country, you will find beautifully sculptured garden ponds and water features; I’m sure this year will be no exception, and a garden design featuring water will receive a gold medal at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show.

Once you have decided on the above, the next point to consider is fish. An important tip is to consider the temperatures your pond will be subjected to in the winter, and obviously if you can afford the correct heating equipment to keep your fish healthy. If the surface of your pond freezes over, your fish will stand little chance of survival. The ice covering on the pond stops the exchange of gases within the water, which in turn reduces the oxygen content which can easily kill fish.

Posted by Paul Windas

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