Personalised Water features

Here at water features 2 go we live and breathe water features. We are constantly thinking about new designs and trends in water features and take much pride from the innovation we add to the industry. We've been retailing garden water features for 15 years and like to think that we know quite a lot about the market. We are currently working on some really exciting developments with our engineers in order to offer a truly bespoke and personalised product offer to the masses. We are looking at lots of different materials, wood, sandstone, granite and stainless steel and hope to offer a service to personalise these items. This can include memorials for loved ones, human or pet, company logos, logo's for clubs and charity, family names, memorable words or pictures. It can be via a plaque, sand blasted, or directly carved onto a feature. The options are practically endless, the only limitation being your imagination. As soon as we have some samples we will post some pictures, but in the meantime, please feel free to contact us if you require these services.