A once gracious garden pond and water feature has been transformed to its former glory by clearing weeds and earth.

The magical benefits of running water can now be fully enjoyed by a couple who transformed an overrun garden.

Mr and Mrs Clement told the Daily Mail that they happily carried out major refurbishment work on their garden at the Cascades property in Bonsall, near Matlock in Derbyshire.

A natural brook twists through the four acre garden, linking perfectly with the restored pond and water feature. The garden make-over took a number of years to complete, but the couple felt the effort was worth it.

Mr Clements told the Daily Mail:

“We’ve loved every moment here and are proud of having turned a wilderness into a beautiful garden,”

The shear quantity of excavations from the site to rejuvenate the overgrown pond portrays the effort needed. Mr Clements reinforced the point by adding that he removed:

“about 30 lorry-loads of silt” from the water feature.

Renovating and developing overgrown garden ponds and water features can bring feelings of happiness to a garden. There are emotional benefits of having a pond, The Star newspaper recently advised that a disabled Rotherham teenager is now able to feed his fish in his own garden pond by hand. The teenager who has cerebral palsy is over the moon now the pond has been renovated.

Posted by Nikki Gee

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