We've been thinking here in the office about the last time the UK had a prolonged period of great weather. A "proper summer" We've been reminiscing in the office, over long summer school days, the smell of cut grass, endless lunch time breaks on the school field. It's really is hard to remember a recent summer as good as the one we are currently enjoying. We therefore though a good topic for discussion would be water features suited to enhancing a garden party.

As this is a great way to enjoy your outside space this summer. The first consideration needs to be power supply. Do you have outdoor power, can you arrange this or would you prefer to harness the power of the sun and go down the solar route. The next considerations are size, material, design, noise (water flow) and colour. Are you looking for a bold statement piece or something a little calmer to trickle gently in the background. Are you trying to drown out road noise?

Our current top 3 picks are: