Time to protect your water feature!

As the nights draw in and we embark on the inevitable cold damp evenings our winter brings, we need to remember our water features. Left lonely, unloved and forgotten in the garden, water features are exposed to the elements. We have various sizes of protection covers to help your feature survive the bad weather. Most water feature pumps are not frost proof so we always advise that the pump and any parts that are not frost proof (particularly terracotta) are moved indoors across the colder winter months. So if you want to get the same enjoyment from your water feature next year, a little loving care now can go a long way.

Solar powered water features operate at a reduced level during the winter, some will only operate at 30 - 50% of their normal capacity. This is not a fault with the feature as they require a certain level / intensity of sunlight to operate to their full capacity. If your water feature has been brought indoors for several months across the winter it is advisable that the solar panel is placed in direct sunlight for at least 2-3 days, prior to reinstalling the feature, when you bring it back out the following spring.