How to care for and maintain your garden water feature.

This was the subject of a blog post we made in 2013, but it's a question that we get asked time and time again. We've updated with the latest advise and new product information, so we hope you find it useful. So, you have taken delivery of your water feature and have it set up in your garden. How do you now keep it looking like new for as long as possible? The addition of the tranquil sound of water often has neighbours marvelling at the wonderful effect your purchase has created, However, how do you keep it looking like this and ensure the long life of you fountain or feature? Over time anything that is subject to the elements and left in the garden will attract algae, lime and moss. This build up can affect both the look and operation of you purchase and there are various preventive measures to ensure a long life for your water feature.

Cleaning water features and garden fountains once algae has formed can be hard work and we recommend Kelkay Fountain Grime and Lime Cleaner. This lovely product removes and prevents lime scale and dirt within your fountain, keeping it clean all year round. As a preventive measure we recommend Aqua Moda Professional Algae prevention solution which helps prevent algae and bacteria forming, which can be much easier than having to clean your feature at a later date.

Winter care - Where possible, non permanent features should be brought indoors to protect them from the harsh winter weather. For instance a lot of water features will state in the small print of the instructions that they are not frost / ice resistant and our prone to cracking during extreme cold weather. Leaving this type of feature outdoors will invalidate your warranty.

Waterfeatures2go offer a range of care products which help keep your feature or fountain looking good and in good working order. You can see our range of care products here. Many thanks for taking the time to read this article and look out for more useful information relating to our features and fountains coming soon.