If you have never owned a water feature choosing from thousands of different fountains made from an array of different materials could prove a little daunting...

We understand that terminology which might be common knowledge to our experienced team might make little sense to someone embarking on their first water feature purchase. So here are a few things explained -

Would I need a mains water supply? - None of the water features on our website require a mains water supply - they all have either a built in water reservoir or utilize a separate reservoir in the ground.

What does fully self contained mean? This means the water is held within the feature itself and there is no requirement for a separate reservoir pool

What does self contained mean? - This means the water is pumped from a reservoir into the feature from an external pool - no mains water required.

Should I purchase solar or mains powered water feature? - Solar technology has improved immensely over the years and we offer a range of different solar pumps for water features in locations which do not have a nearby electrical feed. However, although some are provided with a battery backup, solar powered items are as only as reliable as the British weather. Mains powered features are usually supplied with 10m of cable to use in a standard mains socket and allow your water feature to be run day or night without the risk of poor weather spoiling your enjoyment!

These are just a few of the regularly asked questions. We have specialised in the supply of water features and fountains since 2004 and pride ourselves as being one of the UK'S largest online retailers of everything you need to have the perfect water feature. We hold UK stock of the finest range of mains and solar powered fountains to suit all tastes and budgets. Our friendly team are on hand to help and guide you in both the purchase and installation of your dream water feature.