Pond life including frogs will now have a new home thanks to the Froglife charity.

A selection of ponds are being built to create a new home for frogs, toads and newts.

A regional news provider suggests that the Froglife charity’s Living water project has received a cash grant to upgrade a number of existing ponds and to create a number of new ponds. The grant of £190,000 has been awarded from Waste Recycling Environmental reports the Glasgow Evening News.

The new water features are of varying sizes; the smaller ponds are being created by volunteers and larger projects contracted out to experts water garden specialists.

Eilidh Spence from the Living Water project told the Glasgow Evening News: "The ponds are there for all kinds of amphibians and other wildlife and the hope is that the new ones eventually become colonised naturally as we don't stock them."

She commented that the volunteers will take steps to make the water features as welcoming as possible to new frogs and toads.

Water features can attract a large selection of different animals, including toads, newts, birds and frogs.

Posted by Paul Windas

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