Water Feature ponds make an incredible spectacle for a new development in the USA. Land from the former Hawthorn Estate development will now have to include ponds in the development design, state the Otago Daily Times.

Bas Smith from Ray White Queenstown told the Otago Daily Times, that the properties were always marketed as requiring a water feature. He said:

"We were always aware that there may have been a requirement for ponding associated with Hawthorn, but that was obviously pending this court decision, so anyone that was considering purchasing was advised of that." .

"From our perspective it's just business as usual. It's a massive pity in a lot of ways that such a beautiful block of land has been dogged by so much controversy and different opinions," Mr Smith told the Otago Daily Times.

He concluded that:

"... water features as part of this project once it's completed will make it quite an incredible spectacle in years to come."

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Posted by Nikki Gee

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