We offer all the top water feature brands and extend the standard 1 year warranty period to 2 or 3 years. We offer this extension to the guarantee period to offer customers peace of mind that if the product fails after 13 months they are covered. We test and endorse third party brands and remove from sale features which do not pass our own quality control. No matter which brand of feature you choose it is important to us that every feature meets our customers' expectations.

,p>Our focus has always been on quality and customer service. We use high quality water pump pumps and light systems to ensure a durable product is supplied which will last for years to come.

2 years Warranty on Kelkay Easy Fountains

Looking for a Kelkay water feature? We supply the majority of the Kelkay range and extend the warranty to 2 years.

2 years warranty on Aqua Creations water features

Found an Aqua creations water feature? Again, we extended the guarantee to ensure peace of mind

Up to 3 years warranty on Aqua Moda

Aqua moda is our own brand and every product is carefully selected and manufactured to the highest standards

Whichever water feature you eventually decide on, we hope you put your trust in us to delivery on all of your expectations.