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A - Z Of Garden Fountains.

In this week's blog I intend to introduce you to the A - Z of fountains and accessories. I can't promise there won't be a little cheating involved with the harder letters!

A - Allia Falls The Allia falls is a beautiful piece of solid granite that has been hand chiselled by our expert craftsmen to a very high standard. This piece comes in either mains or solar powered and is approximately 75cm tall. If you want something a little taller, then our Nature Rock boasts the same design only bigger!

B - Buesento These striking three granite columns are a popular choice and a great statement piece in any garden. Made from solid pieces of granite and hand carved to create the grooved effect they will lase to years to come. Each of the columns comes with its own flow adjuster so you can set it up to enhance the visual effect.

C - Crostolo This feature oozes style and sophistication and would not look out of place in a best garden show! The water cascades beautifully from the curved shaped stainless steel feature creating a dramatic water fall into the reservoir beneath. This effect needs a high powered pump to keep it looking so striking - lucky for you it all comes together for the price you see.

D - Drava Simplicity and style are what comes to mind when you see the Granite Drava. Available in both solar and mains powered, enjoy the flow of water over the sphere into the beautifully crafted granite cube. Fully self contained so no digging required. Why not introduce two either side of a pathway or entrance with our Doppio Drava!

E - Edinburgh Wooden Barrel Suitable for indoors and outdoors this lightweight wooden traditional stack of barrels creates that soothing sound of cascading water as the water flows from barrel to barrel. Also available if solar powered for outdoor use only.

F - Fiona This fantastic stunning water feature boasts a number of eye catching elements. Enjoy the contrast of the polished granite against the rough texture of the granite bowl and then add that to glass sphere with the LED light shining through. Enough to catch anyone's attention.

G - Granite Granite Water features are our speciality here at WaterFeatures2Go. Our own designer takes great pride and care in to designing the features of our own branded Aqua Moda products from inspiration and feedback from our customers, making them truly unique.

H - Holmfirth Copper Cascade The Holmfirth is one of four of our range of Copper tree effect water features - All available in solar and mains powered and the mains versions also suitable for indoors. Copper features are on trend this year - check out our previous article on the rang

I - Inkomo There is a huge £100 off from 2018's price on our stunning Solar Powered Inkomo - a favourite of ours in the office due to its sleek, smooth texture, classic design and easy installation. Simply find a spot and place it there, top up your water and away you go!

J - Jassor This solid granite patio water feature consists of a carved and polished column with smooth, concave lines. Watch the water flow down the contrasting surfaces to the bowl below where it is recycled up the column and highlighted with the LED light. Fully self contained there is no need to start digging!

K - Kobe This exclusive design appeals to both young and old and will complement the design of any outdoor garden space. It is fully self contained so no digging required and at 80cm high will proudly be the focal point of your garden.

L - Large Serio Granito The steel and granite combination of this truly remarkable feature will capture the attention of all who look at her. The steel C shaped column neatly wraps the black granite ribbed centre piece and is highlighted by the LED lights. This is like 2 water features for the price of one as the water flows from the reservoir beneath up and out through the granite column and also beautifully cascades down the C shape, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

M - Malone One of the most popular features with our customers, the Malone, a twisted piece of either Granite or Sandstone can be either mains or solar powered, is a great centre piece to any garden or patio. Also comes complete with reservoir, pump and pebbles to decorate the area. All you need to do is find the best spot!

N - New York Terrazzo Three different sized columns that stand together on a pebble pool to create this wonderful eye catching feature. The twisted and carved granite, along with the LED's highlight the water as it shimmers down all sides of the columns. Ideal for those who want to create that contemporary style that is so popular at the moment.

O - Orba A top seller of ours due to its style and modest price, the Orba is made from high quality poly resin. Tiny white speckles in the feature give it that sparkling effect as the water runs over the LED lit sphere on top of the contemporary column.

P - Pumps Mains Solar Essential to building your own water feature or replacing an old pump from an existing water feature. Pumps come in many different sizes either solar or mains powered. All of our pumps are submersible so will only work under water. Some pumps also come with and run LED lights. If you need help choosing which pump is right for you, give our friendly team a call on 01613751235

Q - Quality Preformed Pond Another essential when building your own water feature is choosing the correct size reservoir to accompany your feature. Most of our features come with the appropriate pond, however there will be occasions when you need to choose your own. Ours are designed to be underground with a grid on top but can also be housed above ground and disguised with a stainless steel wrap. Check out our selection on the link below.

R - Rapido We have many different options in our Rapido range. Solid granite or stainless steel, both will create that dramatic statement of class and sophistication. The granite pieces have small grooves on the face of the rippled wall which highlight the water shimmering down the front, whilst the stainless steel has the classic water fall effect. The granite Rapido's are fully self contained so come in their own base or you can choose for the Stainless steel to be in a base or with an underground pool.

S - Sphere's h spheres continue to be a popular choice for creating that modern contemporary look in any garden or larger community projects, we recently had one of our 1500 stainless steel spheres at the 2018 Grand National. Rainbow sandstone also look amazing and come as single spheres or in a trio.

T - Terracotta Cascade Our Terracotta cascade has been our best seller every year for the past 5 years and early indications show its still popular in 2019. I think this is due to its beautiful style, tranquil sounds, pleasant appearance and modest price, also makes for a great gift for those who have everything. Comes in either solar or mains powered, is lightweight and versatile and will compliment any garden or patio.

V - Viberto Zinc The Virbeto Zinc is one of many of the new features this year from Aqua Creations. We continue to be a proud retailer of Aqua Creations water features and can have these delivered to you usually within 3-6 working days*

W - Woodland Flow The Woodland flow is one of the many new features this year from Kelkay. We continue to be a proud stockist of Kelkay water features and can have these delivered to you usually within 3-6 working days*

X - X large Staffora This beautiful water wall can be used indoors or out and creates that WOW factor in any surrounding. Can be stainless or corten steel to suit your tastes

Y - Yin Yang My personal favourite of the Aqua Moda collection, the Yin Yang is simple and stylish and compliments any garden or patio. You can choose from solar or mains powered and granite or the beautiful sandstone. here

Z - Zinc Metal is a relatively new material in the Water feature world and gives that stylish metal look but does not have the cold feel of traditional stainless steel. Zinc compliments other materials as you will see in the collection above.