Water features have been used and admired for 1000's of years. Nowadays, Water features are for decorative purposes but in ancient times Water features were functional and provided villages with essential water supply. Before the 18th century they were powered by gravity or hydraulics but are now more commonly powered by solar energy or electricity. Water features can be awe inspiring and extravagant, think of those fantastic famous features around the world like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Dancing display at The Bellagio in Las Vegas and the Freindship of the People Fountain in Moscow and you think of luxury, richness and sophistication.

You too can create your own piece of luxury in your own home or office. No matter what size space you have, here at waterfeatures2go we have the right water feature for you!

How to choose your perfect feature Here at waterfeatures2go we have created an easy system where you can filter and only show the water features that meet your requirements. First of all - choose your power supply.

And then think about the material you want it to be made from. ( For help choosing your material please see our Guide to Water Features ) You can choose as many categories as you like for example for steel, why not select all 4 as I have done below..

There are lots of others factors you can filter by but don't worry you don't have to tick anything, the website will assume you want to see all of the water features in that category if left blank. Just remember when thinking about the size - the filter is referring to the height of the water feature. We have also added a price filter - here you can set the minimum amount you want to pay right up the maximum using either the sliding scale or by entering the amounts in to the boxes.

So all you have to do is choose your desired feature from the selection and we will deliver it in most cases the very next day! Happy Shopping!