Commercial Water Features

A recent addition to our stock here at Water Features 2 Go, is the Stunning Granite Rapido 6 Water Feature; which is proving to be very popular in large residential gardens and also in commercial environments. The Rapdio six water feature measures 150cm in height and width and the base measures 60cm in depth. The panel in the water feature is manufactured in three separate pieces which sit closely together to give the appearance of one large granite panel with the benefit of a more straightforward installation due to the reduction in weight of the panel as it's split into three pieces. A further cleaver feature being that the panel is hollow which again reduces the weight still further, again enhancing the installation procedure.

Until we introduced this type of manufacturing method, the tallest granite piece we sold was 80cm in height. We now sell items over 2m tall! The Rapido 6 has a polished granite base and the back of the granite panels sits against the back of the base and has a polished granite surface finish. The front of the panel has a waved chiselled finish with polished granite edging. The top of the feature includes three wells with an white LED light right set within each well. The water is pumped from the base into and through the light ring which then illuminates the water jets to give an appearance for flickering flames. The water pools up into the wells and then trickles down the chiselled surface into the polished granite base. It's a truly beautiful piece and would last for many years to come. For further information and photographs please follow this link or contact us on 0161 375 1235 for further information.