World Cup Offers One - A Stunning Granite Lion Water Feature

We have set up a range of stunning offers on some of our bespoke pieces and have decided to offer these great features at an all time low. To add a bit of fun into the offer we have decided to only offer these reductions whilst England are in the world cup. As soon as we lose (probably on penalties in a painstaking fashion), we will pull these offers.

The first product we had to include in this offer is the Hand Carved Lion! (well it had to be having a Lion on it, shame it didn't have three). This feature is a stunning solid granite self contained water feature. It weighs a massive 425kg and measures, Height: 1200mm x Width 680 mm x Depth 630 mm. Water trickles out of the lions mouth into the pot below. It then pours down the pot into the self contained basin below, it then repeats it's journey back up through the Lions mouth to start the cycle again. No mains water connection is required. It's a one off piece so will truly look fabulous in any garden or courtyard setting. The RRP is over £5000 yet we are offering the item at over 50% OFF at £2499. Click here for more information.