Is Algacide harmful to birds and animals?

In the fourth blog of the series we look at the effect Algacide has on birds and animals....

Water features are a fabulous addition to any garden or outdoor space, and if you are an animal or bird lover, will attract all sorts of fantastic creatures to bathe and drink from your fountain. However, we also want our water features to remain clean and fresh but people often worry that adding Algacide to the water will harm the wildlife and our household pets.

Algacides that contain copper are very effective at keeping the water clean (why I think throwing pennies in fountains is encouraged and not just for luck) However copper has a high toxicity and over exposure can have a detrimental effect on wildlife. Always check the labels before purchasing Algacides to check for harmful toxins.

You will be pleased to know that our Algae Prevention Solution  and also our One Shot Algae remover Formula  have been specially designed and are harmless to birds and animals. Simply add a capful of the solution to your water feature every month to keep it free from algae and fresh and clean for your feathered and furry visitors. For more information on safe algaecides for your pond fish, please visit your local aquarium.