Aqua Moda Granite Rapido 7 With LED Lights Water Feature 180cm High


Todays article features the ever popular Granite Rapido 7 with LED lights water feature. This stunning hand carved and finished fountain consists of a huge polished granite base which measures 201cm x 60cm x 20cm. Seven huge pillars then sit together to form a large 180cm wall of stunning granite.



The top of each section has a cleverly designed raised edge and integrated LED light allowing water to fill the top of each section before spilling over the front of the water feature. The water feature sections are staggered in depth to add interest to the feature and consist of chiselled lines so that the water glistens as it travels to the bottom of the feature.



To add further interest, polished waved sections have been added. Once the water has reached the bottom of the feature, a water feature pump with 7 individual flow adjusters to even the water flow between the 7 sections is included.



Then the included pump pushes the water back to the top where it then starts its journey again.



In summary, the key features of this water feature are:

  • Hand-crafted and detailed by Aqua Moda sculptors
  • Hard wearing and weather resistant
  • Fully self-contained
  • Bright LED Lights
  • Produced from sturdy natural granite stone.


The Specification is as follows:

  • 1.8m (high) x 2 m (wide) Base Measures: 201cm (width) x 60cm (depth) x 20cm (height)
  • Panel measures: 167cm Height x 175cm width x 35cm depth
  • Cable Length 10m
  • Approx 700kg


This stunning feature usually retails at £6999 however due to an end of season sale, we are currently offering our last stock item for £3999. Once sold the price for future versions will be raised back to the standard £6999 price it’s been for the last two years. For further details please follow this link: