In this series of blogs I will be answering those questions put to us most often by customers, please see below for the first instalment of the series, Do you need electricity for a water feature?


Water features come with a variety of power options, some are mains powered and some solar powered. One of the most popular ways to run a water feature is for it to be solar powered, where no connection to a mains electricity plug is required. Some water features have the solar panel integrated in to the feature and thus run off direct sunlight only. Other solar water features have the solar panel positioned away from the feature; this gives you the added benefit of being able to place the solar panel in the sunniest part of the garden and can be moved as the sun moves should you wish to gain the most benefit from the sunshine. These usually also come with a mains adapter (Aqua Moda Branded items all include a mains adaptor), so although not essential you can opt to charge up you solar panel indoors with an electricity socket, this is very useful if you with to increase the operational use of the feature into the more cloudy months of Autumn and Spring, or simply in a traditional poor UK summer (until the heat wave we have experienced this year!).


It is also possible to run a water feature on battery power alone, a number of our solar models can be used in this way, allowing you to charge by mains.


To conclude, do you need electricity for a water feature? The answer is no, you do not need electricity to run a water feature.


Our range of solar water features can be found here and our mains powered water features here.