What causes foam in a fountain?

Welcome to our 3rd blog of the series and the answer to that common problem with water features and fountains, FOAM!

Foam is a common problem in both indoor and outdoor water features and is caused by proteins left behind by plants, animals and / or bacteria. The proteins form a layer on the top of the water which when disturbed causes the foam. Imagine adding bubble bath to your bath, when the tap is turned on, the flow of the water hits the bubble bath and causes it to bubble. The same applies to proteins in a water feature, when the flow from the fountain hits the proteins they start to bubble and cause foam.

You can help prevent this by cleaning your water feature frequently, scrubbing the bottom to remove any unseen debris, every couple of months. Also, move your feature away from direct sunlight, the sunlight will evaporate the water leaving only the proteins to cause more foam. ( Not practical if you have a solar power)

Finally the best way to prevent foam is to change your water regularly to keep it fresh and if possible use distilled water which has already had proteins and minerals removed.