As seen on ITV's Love Your Garden!

We recently provided a water feature for Blackpool Zoo which was part of ITV's Love Your Garden episode 8...

We were approached by the Love your garden team to help contribute to a project which was to bring a tranquil area for one of the live -in hardworking members of the Blackpool Zoo team.

They had identified the Harmony Rainbow Sandstone Fountain Water Feature Kit as the perfect feature to tie in with their theme. This beautiful carved sandstone kit is supplied with a reservoir, pump and sandstone cobbles meaning you have everything you need to make the perfect sandstone feature. Once wet the natural Indian sandstone really comes alive as the water exposes the variant contouring colours of the stone. The Love Your Garden team did a fantastic job with the installation of this beautiful Sandstone Water Feature which added the perfect finishing touch to this fantastic project.

Blackpool Zoo's live-in deserving member now has the perfect place to sit back and relax in a tranquil environment and enjoy this water feature . This one of many contributions we make as a company to organisations committed to giving a little back to worthy people and groups.

Love Your Garden, Produced by Spun Gold TV for ITV. Broadcast date: August 16, 2017