We are often asked how to keep water features clean from algae; so in this second blog of the series I aim to help you overcome that problem.

Algae is often the cause of failures of pumps and lights within a feature where the buildup of algae attacks the components and is also why water can look green an murky. It is also the number one cause of paint flaking on painted resin water features. It simply eats away at the paintwork, breaking it up and getting under the surface of the paint.

Algae is basically a bacteria that grows as a result of the natural process of photosynthesis so can never be totally eradicated, however, please see the below tips to reduce the affects in your water feature.

1) Keep your water feature is a shaded area - Algae grows when nutrients are in contact with light. (Not always practical if you have a solar powered feature)

2) Regularly clean your water feature - Remove the pump and any accessories and wash with warm soapy water and clean with our Lime and grime cleaner .

3) Regularly clean your pump - Remove the pump from the feature and remove the filter, run under warm water to remove any debris.

4) Treat your water. - Keep your water treated with our Algae prevention solution, apply this to your water once a month.


Although these tips will certainly help with the reduction of Algae in your fountain, continued maintenance is the only way to keep this pest under control and keep your water feature looking like new!