Corsica Granite Water Feature

The team at Water Features 2 Go always get a bit excited when we have a new container delivery of water features from our manufacturing base. However, when this new container happens to contain granite water feature (new styles for 2018) we get even more excited.

Each season we analyse themes, trends and designs to help us create new and exciting styles of water features. This is a highly enjoyable task but especially so when it comes to granite water features. Here we introduce new styles in limited numbers, for sale on a first come first served basis. Some items are easier to describe as bespoke sculptures rather than water features as the detail from the hand carving is truly a work of art.

These items however do not hang around. Because they are manufactured in limited quantities, often single pieces; we therefore often sell out on these lines before they even arrive. If you have your eye on one of our new lines (granite items on our site showing as arriving within the next couple of weeks) we would strongly recommend that you give us a call and arrange to see the item in person here at our warehouse in Manchester! We know you would love the item if you see it in the flesh as often photographs do not do these pieces justice!

Scotia Granite Water Feature



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