I would like to tell you about the different water features we have here at Waterfeatures2go. We have stainless steel in all shapes and sizes such as spheres ranging from 28cm to400cm,also pyramids, columns and water blades, again they come in varying sizes. We have Aqua Moda in resin, terracotta and copper, ranging from jugs and urns to tiers and trees. Just go to our website at waterfeatures2go.co.uk to view them all. Granite features and sandstone are my particular favourites.

They will last a lifetime when looked after properly. All of our features can be either mains or solar powered. The one I like the most in granite is the aqua yin yang, which consists of 2 columns which fit together with one side taller than the other. The top of each column is shaped to portray the yin yang symbol to add zen to your garden.

The best thing about granite features is that they are so easy to set up and run. Some are self contained with their own base pool, others require a pebble pool with a steel grid. Acquiring after care products is recommended, such as algae prevention solutions to steel cleaners and winter covers. Features can be further enhanced visually with the use of decorative pebbles and or cobbles both in granite or sandstone.

Aqua Moda granite features come as a kit including pebbles, pool and grid, pump and piping; everything to get started.


Visit our homepage for further information. Water features 2 go