Utilizing and existing pond or garden ornament are popular ways to create your own inexpensive fountain. Watering cans, unused plant pots and large pieces of rockery are commonly used to great effect. We sell reservoirs, pumps, piping and accessories for you to bring to life your water feature ideas at a sensible cost. You can choose from circular, square and rectangular sumps with both budget and reinforced grids. We stock water feature pumps from 350lph up to 25,000lph so we are sure to have something that will fit your ideas' needs. You may find a self contained water feature on our site which is perfect for you without the hassle of having to buy the various components . With the prices starting from as little as £40 we are sure to have something that will fit the bill. When putting together your own bespoke water feature you made need a little more information on the required pump and the effect different sized piping might have on the water flow. Please feel free to give our experts a call and we will be pleased to assist in bringing your water feature idea to life!