Water gardenWater gardens can add interest and intrigue to your garden. Many people are scared of water and feel that adding water to your garden will be very time consuming, dangerous for children, difficult and expensive. It is indeed true that the traditional style of water garden a large pond with rock water fall and fish can be time consuming to build. However these days with improvements in water garden products it is becoming more simple to add “that final dimension to your garden”. There are now products on the market such as preformed ponds and pre-formed stone type products which simplify the process on making a water garden.

Water gardening

If you have children and are worried about having water in your garden with children loose, then we would suggest that you can still enjoy the benefits of water in your garden, the stunning noise and dimension that water brings to a garden, simply by following a few rules.
The main danger to children is open water, by this we mean the open pond, the pool of water that the children can fall into. However, as previously mentioned there are new products on the market that can alleviate your fear. Pebble pools with reinforced lid / galvanised steel grids stop the open water danger. The pebble pool is simply a plastic “bucket” that sits in the ground (the water reservoir), you then place the grid on top to make it safe for children. The top is then decorated with pebbles to complete the look.
You have a number of options, you can either add a small fountain head popping out of the pebbles, this will make a traditional type of fountain, usually associated with a pond, but with the safety for children, as there would be no exposed water. The water simply drains back into the pebble pool and is recycled.
The second option is to use a water cascade. These add another “traditional style” of water garden, as they are usually used to aerate ponds. However a small version, a 225mm width or a 450mm width cascade can be used in conjunction with a pebble pool to create a safe water garden.
The third option is to use a stainless steel, granite, copper, or resin fountain. These items again utilise the pebble pool so are safe for children.

Water Gardens

Water Features 2 go supply many products suitable for use in your water gardens. Please browse through our stunning product range to find your perfect item. If you need any help of advice on our water garden products, please feel free to contact us on the telephone number above.

water gardening
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