Winter and Water Features

Winter as we know here in the UK, is the coldest season of the year with temperatures reaching as low as minus 10 degrees celsius.

Here at Water Features 2GO, we do recommend you protect your water feature especially over the harsh winter months. By doing this you not only prolong the life of your feature you also prolong the life of you water feature pump.

If your chosen feature is small enough to move, storing this indoors in your garage, shed, conservatory will be the easiest way to help extend the life of your feature. However we do have those extra large striking granite, sandstone features to protect which we are unable to move indoors once they are installed due to them weighing 100’s kg, so unless you have the strength of a bear or a silver back gorilla here are the simple steps to help protect your feature throughout the winter months.

Step1) Completely drain your feature, once all the water has been removed, we would recommend you dry this with either a dry cloth, a towel or sponge to make sure all water has been removed and the feature is completely dry.

Step2) Place your chosen protection cover over your feature and secure this tightly in place so it gives your feature a warm hug over the winter and prevents this from blowing off due to harsh conditions.

Please make sure that no pools of water are able to form on the winter cover. When water freezes it expands and can crack any water feature, even solid granite or sandstone.

There you have it, just two simple steps to protect and prolong your feature throughout the year. We have a number of different water feature protection covers for you to chose from, so depending on the size, style or comfort you wish to provide for your feature, we have it.

Please follow this link to view our protection packs.